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I occasionally write for Drownedinsound, after hooking up with it's editor, Sean Adams, back when he was editing The Last Resort 'zine in 1998. It is now one of the largest independent music sites in the country. You can check out the stuff I've written here.

The Nubiles

There are links to everyone mentioned in the Nubiles biog contained within the text, so rather than me duplicate them, you can find the biog here.

Sack Trick

The wild world of Sack Trick

Rachel Stamp

My old schoolfriend and Hollyweird compadré David Ryder-Prangley, and his band Rachel Stamp.

Robin Guy

Me ol' mucker Robin, who drummed on the Oversize EP, who's also played/also plays for Martin Grech, Bruce Dickinson, Sack Trick, Faith No More, Rachel Stamp, All About Eve, Tat....


Yahoo Group set up by Jen.

Chez Sack Trick

Allie & Katie's Sack Trick Site

Craig Griffith

My other ol' buddy from Wales, and Hollyweird compadré is directing a feature film, and doing other filmic fun. Find out all about the film here.

Links To Some Other Friend's Sites:

Corin Hardy

Robin Guy's brother is an award-winning film maker, music video director and animator. Check out his site!

Twin Zero

Reuben Gotto (Subvert) and Ben Calvert (Scenes, Vex Red) in their new band...


Lovely gents who were once Vex Red

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